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CFEC Evaluation Team and Consultants

The Research, Evaluation, and Measurement (REM) Center at the University of South Carolina (UofSC) was contracted by UofSC’s College of Education (CoE) to provide evaluation services for the Carolina Family Engagement Center (CFEC). REM works closely with CFEC to develop both process and outcome evaluation questions to capture CFEC’s outreach work to their families of focus (e.g., Latino families, families with children with disabilities, families in poverty). Data is collected throughout the year using process documentation notes, interviews and focus groups with project stakeholders, activity logs and self-assessment tools, surveys of project stakeholders, and state assessment data. The findings from these data inform the evaluation recommendations to the CFEC team.

Evaluation Team Leaders

Ashlee Lewis, Ph.D. (University of South Carolina College of Education, Research, Evaluation, and Measurement Center) - Lead Evaluator

Ashlee Lewis' work spans a variety of areas, focusing primarily on program evaluation, applied research, and classroom assessment. Her program evaluation work is often mixed methods with an emphasis on culturally responsive, utilization-focused evaluation methods and qualitative methodologies. She has examined arts education programs across South Carolina through applied research and is the director of the South Carolina Arts Assessment Program.

Tammiee Dickenson, Ph.D. (University of South Carolina College of Education, Research, Evaluation, and Measurement Center) - Co-Evaluator

Tammiee Dickenson’s research interests include multilevel modeling, quasi-experimental designs, and item response theory. Her work includes development of project objectives and associated measures, instrument selection and development, and data collection and analysis. 

CFEC Consultants specialize in various aspects related to research, policy, and evaluation. Consultants advise CFEC projects on a continuous basis and are also available to the CFEC regional family engagement liaisons for consultation on their work with their school and teacher partners. 


Ellen Still, Independent Consultant (Education Policy and Family Engagement)

Ellen Still has over 30 years’ experience in state level education policy providing her invaluable insight into how state programs and agencies function as well as understanding education reform legislation and states’ actions and programs in early childhood education. She serves as a consultant for CFEC, providing advice, research, writing/drafting, editing and reviewing training offerings, as well as developing programmatic resources such as our Ready, Set-Kindergarten! booklets. Ellen has her own private consulting practice Policy Diva.

The Wandersman Center, (Organizational Readiness and Getting To Outcomes™ )
Abe Wandersman, Ph.D. is the President and CEO of the Wandersman Center and is a professor emeritus of psychology at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. Dr. Wandersman performs research and program evaluation on interagency collaboration and on citizen participation in community organizations and coalitions. He is a co-editor of three books on empowerment evaluation and a co-author of several Getting To Outcomes accountability publications (i.e., instructional manuals for planning, implementation, and evaluation to achieve results). 

Brittany Cook, Ph.D. is a senior managing partner of the Wandersman Center, has extensive experience in evaluation, project management and coordination, qualitative methodology, and implementation support, particularly in educational, youth serving, and community health organizations. As one of the founding authors of the R=MC2 readiness model, her research focuses on differences in organizational readiness, including variations by individuals’ roles and levels of engagement in an innovation, as well as change management for readiness strategies.