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Resources for Early Childhood


Ready, Set - Kindergarten! Family Guides for Preschool - Kindergarten Development

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There are six areas of growth and experience that research tells us are involved in helping a child progress and succeed. These guides offer a brief introduction to each area and provide samples of the experiences and skills children need in order to be prepared to move through preschool at three, four, and five years of age.

Exploring Shapes, Patterns, Numbers, Comparisons

Feelings About Self, Developing Relationships & Controlling Emotions

Gaining the Basics for Reading, Writing & Speaking

Learning To Think, Make Decisions, Solve Problems

Physical Growth, Nutrition & Health/Safety

The Individual Way Each Child Learns

CFEC Literacy Project

Our CFEC team has also created two resources for families and students seeking to diversify their at-home library and to learn more about online assistance available to strengthen literacy skills.

  1. Readers Are Leaders: These literacy resources are a collection of online tools for families to learn more about supporting the literacy development of early and elementary readers, as well as students in middle and high school.

  2. Embracing Diversity in Literature: These resources suggest books for a range of reading levels that feature characters and authors representative of student and family diversity. These stories include those for and about African American and Black, Indigenous and Native, and Latino/a and Latinx readers, as well as readers with special needs and disabilities

SC School Report Cards

Looking for a school in South Carolina for your child? Made available by the SC Education Oversight Committee(EOC), these report cards provide an overview and explanation of the key performance indicators: school ratings, school safety, classroom environment, graduation rate, student academic progress, and college and career readiness and additional academic information. The Report Card provides information about how adequately South Carolina's public schools are serving students.

“Supporting Early Literacy at Home: A Parent's Guide” 

This series of online, self-paced learning modules from the SC Department of Education provides information for parents and caregivers so that they can support their children’s early literacy development.

SC Laws and Policies Relevant to Family Engagement in Education (.pdf)

While there are federal laws and policies that impact education across the country, states and localities are primarily responsible for K-12 education in the United States.  State laws specifically addressing education in South Carolina can be found in Title 59 of the SC Code of Laws.

Visions and Standards for Learning in South Carolina (.pdf)

The Profile of the South Carolina Graduate presents a vision for every South Carolina high school graduate including the kinds of knowledge, skills, and characteristics that are necessary to succeed in college and/or a career. It was originally developed by Transform SC, a coalition of education and business leaders, to serve as a common vision for the state and has since been adopted by the SC Department of Education, the SC State Board of Education, the SC Education Oversight Committee, the SC Association of School Administrators’ Roundtable, the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, and the South Carolina Council on Competitiveness as well as a number of school districts.